New faces and places at Ironman

Two announcements have come out of Ironman on new faces and positions. Interestingly, the rise of ex-Lagardère executive and acquisition related talent that has been rewarded. Ironman acquired Lagardère in 2016.

First up, Brooks Cowans is named global Chief Legal Officer Ironman. He will report direct to Andrew Messick, President and Chief Executive Officer of The IRONMAN Group. Mr Cowan was heavily involved with the Wanda Sports Group (WSG) IPO, which is interesting, given the only news in the financial markets for Ironman/WSG over the past  2-months is the class action lawsuit by “The Gross Law Group” and others into the IPO and Wanda overselling the potential market/profit for WSG.

Next up is a promotion for ex-Lagardère executive, Dave Beeche has been promoted to Senior Vice President & Managing Director – Oceania; backing up Dave is a promotion to Vice President & Head of Finance – Oceania for Chris Carter. Finally another significant marketing position is Ashley Reynolds who has been promoted to Vice President of Global Merchandise.

Ashley joins Ellen Newberg, who was appointed just before Kona 2019 as the company’s new chief marketing officer. One of the key ways Ironman/WSG can make good on their IPO promises is to significantly up the marketing and sales outside of races.

As for Ironman parent company Wanda Sports Group, their shares were up over $3.51, a dollar or so better than when I last wrote about their fortunes, or lack thereof, however the shares fell back yesterday and today, probably on the announcement of the Collins Cup and $2,000,000 money. More on that soon, but in the meantime, John and the tri247 crew have the lowdown.

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