Back Issues of the British Triathlon Handbook

Although I dabbled in cycling, swimming, and running, I didn’t really get involved in triathlon until the late 1990s. Much like everything I do, I threw myself into it and went from being a newbie to a Club Chairman, British Triathlon Volunteer of the Year, and a race organizer over the following 6-7 years. I also weazled my way into the 2001, and 2002 World Championships with Team GB.

I was always a voracious consumer of information and at some point during that period, probably around the time when I was pushing the leadership of the then British Triathlon Association (BTA) to move on or move out, I was told to talk to “Pete Metalli.”

Pete had been a race organizer during the 80’s/90’s and had also had a run-in with the current and prior British Triathlon leadership over race sanctioning. Pete ran “Banana Leisure”, with which he organized races that were not sanctioned by the governing body. Sanctioning back then was little more than adhering to BTA race rules and paying a fee, after which your race would be covered by the association’s umbrella insurance.

Pete felt the fees were too high and organized his own insurance and declared independence. As I recall, there was an attempt at the time to formally boycott Pete’s races and ban any elite/professional athlete from BTA-sanctioned races if they took part in Pete’s races (I’m quite open to being wrong about this; it was possibly just an unwritten threat).

With that as background, some years later I acquired seven back issues of the British Triathlon Handbook from 1988 onwards from Pete. They’ve languished in a box as I moved from the UK, to New York, from New York to Austin TX, and finally from Austin TX to Boulder Colorado, where I currently live.

Over a period of twenty years, they sat neatly tied up in a box labelled triathlon memorabilia. BTA Handbooks for 1988 > 1992, 1994-95, 2001-2002.

I do have others from the early 2000’s if anyone is interested leave a comment of reach out via Twitter where I am @news4tri. Also, if you’d like the original magazines, let me know, they are yours for the price of the postage.

Scanning Methodology

I scan some music/jazz 50-magazines/books per week, or so. They are sent to archive websites for specialist news and music topics. I spend much of my time on music research, with occasional interviews. I recent did a personal timeline of Hal Fein, a music publisher and agent from birth to death, for a new Bert Kaempferet box set “The Bert Kaempfert Decca Collection“. My focus when scanning is readable, scannable text. Since that only needs to be black and white, that also reduces the size of the output pdf files. While scanning the handbooks, I did though rescan a few of the picture pages in color.

All that is my way of saying don’t expect high quality graphics! The pdf’s are searchable. most of the adverts that contain text have also been indexed. You can either view them online by selecting/clicking on the name, or download them.


One item from the box was one of the tri-suits prepared for Marc for his 2004 Olympic competition. I’d been sent it among a collection of other goodies when I finally stopped writing “Cathcart’s Corner” for the same British Triathlon Association’s Tri News magazine.

Last year I reached out to Helen Jenkins, MBE. Marc is Helen’s husband and Helen as well as being a World Champion triathlete, can be regularly heard now days as the female voice on the WTSC Triathlon Live commentaries. Helen sent an address, and I mailed the suit back to her and Marc for their home collection!

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