Ironman Control Room

One of the more interesting expenditures Ironman/WSG made in 2019 was to build out a new broadcast control room.

I’ve not taken part, nor do I plan to take part in the virtual races series Ironman is running as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, so I have no idea if the control room is being used as part of that.

We designed this studio/control room to enable IRONMAN to record training videos with virtual sets and to acquire, produce and stream its own high-value sports content,”

Kurt Heitmann, CEO, CP Communications – 4th May, 2020

It looks like a fairly advanced control broadcasting solution, with switching and service for multiple concurrent races. It also includes a green screen video facility, which would allow both augmented reality broadcast, and commentary by inserting a commentator in the studio to be inserted into real race situations which could be interesting. has a press release driven article that includes a lot of detail on what the build-out included, but no details on how it would be used. What it does say is that the control room is in “two adjoining offices at IRONMAN’s Tampa headquarters”.

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