When Livejournal doesn’t do it anymore.

Mark at St Lucia TriBack in 2003, I started what was when a new blog, Triman. I used Livejournal, which was pretty interesting as a personal blogging platform. I’d actually had IBM related “blog” pages since 1997, and even posted some of my triathlon related travels on the work blog. After getting promoted to Executive, it was pointed out that trend shouldn’t continue. I looked around, facebook and Twitter didn’t even exist then, so Livejournal it was.

I posted on my personal training and racing, including some epic races, although over the next 15-years my enthusiasm and time to write race reports waned. My last race was 1-year ago, the Boulder Sunset Triathlon. Here is the race report is here on livejournal.

I still have a massive interest in the sport, a large network of friends, many in senior positions in the sport. I am VIP Services Captain for Ironman Boulder until the 2019 race, which was the last. I also run VIP service for the Boulder 70.3 but missed the race this year due to illness.

Along with many other things I’ve been involved with, I was one of the first individual members of Triathlon America, that later became Triathlon Business International, and very much enjoyed attending and participating in their annual conferences. That came to and end when I stopped working, and the fees became an expense I was no longer prepared to make after 7-years.

I’ve been a homestay to, and friend of many professional triathletes, both in the UK, in Austin TX, and now Boulder CO. We have a large 2-bed apartment (minus a kitchen) available to professional triathletes, mostly for free. Unless you decide, as others have, to stay for an extended time (the record being nearly 2-years 🙂 )

So here I am, another wordpress blog, this one I’ll use to post triathlon news, opinions, and my own personal musings about the sport.

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