Seeking Alpha on Wanda Sports

Roojoo Capital on Seeking Alpha has a solid overview of the structure of Wanda Sports Group (WSG), both up and down the corporate structure, which of of includes Ironman.

Under the lede of “Not As Chinese As It Seems” it has a solid analysis of where there are and how they go there.

Wanda Sports Group is one of the many failed IPOs of 2019. It seems to have been incorrectly grouped together with the many unicorns that pursue growth over profitability. What sets it apart is that it is a collection of 2 profitable, cash generative and arguably growing businesses: The Swiss Infront and the American World Triathlon Corporation.

If you are into investments and takeovers, this is a good read but uses a lot of technical financial terms but concludes that “the underlying businesses appear to be well managed, have western management teams and are worth substantially more than implied by the currently depressed share price.”

and thats what make them ripe for takeover, leveraged buyout etc. and why the PTO offer wasn’t as ridiculous as many seem to think.

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